«Innovative computer security technologies»

Undergraduate Program
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

The program is implemented at the Cryptology and Cybersecurity Department No. 42 of MEPhI.

This program is different from other programs in information security because the large part of it is a block of unique courses on new computer security technologies, which, together with courses on modern IT technologies, classical engineering courses, and students research, form an up-to-date and relevant BA curriculum for training bachelors-experts in the field of computer security.
Tuition language
State-funded places in 2021
Duration of training
Full-time study, 4 years
Reserve-officer training military department
Available for citizens
A dormitory is provided to all nonresident students
The semester tuition fee in 2021
140,000 rub.

Epishkina Anna V.

Program Leader,
Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Technology
The rapid development of the digital world has been somewhat ahead of the development of approaches to computer security in recent years. We have developed the undergraduate program based on the most advanced achievements in the field of IT and deep mathematical training. Most importantly we believe in the integrity of the educational process, aimed at developing an integrated approach to ensuring computer security.

Unique courses

Biometric authentication systems
Konstantin Kogos, Associate professor
Web applications security

Alexey Kuznetsov, Bi.Zone
Wireless network security

Mikhail Burlakov, Associate professor
Computer forensics

Aleksey Polyakov, Bi. Zone
Software protection

Aleksey Polyakov, Bi. Zone
Information security for automated systems of technological process management
Mikhail Finoshin, Assistant, MEPhI
Information protection: cryptographic tools.

Alexander Varfolomeev, President, RusCripto association
Operation Systems Security

Dmitry Efanov, Sberbank

Computer networks security

Сереченко Денис, директор по цифровой трансформации Huawei Enterprise
Databases security

Куприяшин Михаил, ассистент НИЯУ МИФИ
Application security

Denis Makrushin, Head of Advanced Security Research (Advanced Software Technology Lab), Huawei
Analytical calculations systems

Alexander Veligura, Chairman of the Information Security Committee, Russian Banks association
Software and hardware
protection of information

Olga Khachinyan, Head of Security analysis department, М-13
Secure information systems

Anna Epishkina, Associate professor, MEPhI
Bioinspired algorithms for solving information protection problems

Georgy Borzunov, Professor, MEPhI
Computer system protection analysis

Olga Khachinyan, Head of Security analysis department, М-13
Labor market demand
Our graduates work for leading companies in the industry
Some statistics
1200000 r/year

An average salary after graduation more than

of graduates choose to work in their field of study or a related field

of bachelors continue studies master's program
Every 7th

student is a prize-winner or winner of international competitions in information security
Recent achievements of our students
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Kogos Konstantin
Deputy Head of the Department, PHD in Tech
Phone: +7 926 701 35 79
E-mail: KGKogos@mephi.ru